¿Qué tiempo hace? (kay tyem-poh ah-say)What’s the weather like?
Hace frío (ah-say free-oh)The weather is cold
Hace calor (ah-say kah-lohr)The weather is hot
Hace buen tiempo ( ah-say bwehnn tyem-poh)It is nice
Hace mal tiempo (ah-say mahl tyehm-poh)it is bad
Hace sol (ah-say sohl)It is sunny
Hace viento (ah-say bee-ehn-toh)it is windy
Hace fresco (ah- say frehs-koh)It is chilly
Llueve (yoo-ay-bay)It’s raining
Nieva (nee-eh-bah)It is snowing
Truena (troo-eh-nah)It is thundering
Hay humedad (ah-ee oo-meh-dahd)It is humid
Está nublado (ehs-tah noo-blah-doh)It is cloudy
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