8 Keys To Making Your Dream A Reality


8 Keys To Making Your Dream A Reality

By Tobi Gbadamosi

Dreams are desires and aspirations that everyone should have. To be dreamless is to be useless. Men who have dreams are the movers and shakers of this world. Dreams come to us first as ideas or interest of what we want to manifest to our world.

Your dream is the indication of your true potentials and abilities. Dreams keep the heart warm; it breeds hope and something to fight for. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a powerful speech called “I Have A Dream” .In it, he talked about America living up to the true meaning of its creed and that all men are equal: whites or blacks. He believed that one day a Negro will assume power. This was in August 28, 1963, but that dream came to pass in Barrack H. Obama in January20, 2009. Joseph in the bible also had a dream of being a ruler and that even his siblings and parents would bow to him. He was reprimanded, hated, sold into slavery, but alas it came to pass. I could go on with various examples.

Therefore, if dreams are so important, how does one make a dream come true? How does it ever become a reality? With the following 8 Keys , any dream can become a reality.

Dream In Line With Your Purpose

A dream that is not in line with your purpose is not a dream but a wish. And if wishes are horses beggars will ride. When a dream is purposeless, it is not a dream, it is a nightmare and hence a burden. You derive passion from purpose and dreams come alive when you know your purpose. Don’t have a dream you are not built for. You must find a purpose for your life, then dream to match the purpose. Myles Munroe once said, “When a purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable.’’ Never dream a dream you can’t vividly imagine yourself in. To have a passion for music and dream to become a pilot may be a balloon dream. Every one of us has been configured by nature with areas that we’ve been made specially to bless the world. Hence, tailor your dream in line with your purpose.

Drive Your Dreams

Some dream dreams, while some yet believe in dreams, others drive the dream. Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object will remain in a state of rest or uniform motion except a force is act on it. Your dream will never become a reality by being just a dream. It takes a drive to make it work. Work out your dream; invest the necessary amount of labor, discipline, hard work, dedication and attention to make your dream a reality. Your dream is like a scalar quantity that that has magnitude but no direction. Until you drive and direct your dream. It remains a mere magnitude, a potential, a raw material. Driving it makes it a vector quantity has both magnitude and direction. Your will is your drive and where there is a will, there is a way. Consequently, drive your dream today, and see it become a reality.

Dream Big

A small dream motivates no one. Until a dream is big enough, it never consumes the dreamer. Big dream impacts life, breathes courage and motivation. A big dream forces the dreamer to devise ways to make the dream a reality. A big  dream gives birth to the real you. You don’t know yet what you can do or the limit (if at all there is one) of your capability until you dare dream big. For you to have a breakthrough, you must learn to stretch. You must go beyond your elastic limit which is your comfort zone. In Physics, elastic limit is said to be the maximum extent to which a material may be stretched without permanent deformation or alteration. Les Brown once said, “To be who you have never been before, you must die to who you are now.” In other words, you must go beyond your elastic limit- your comfort zone. You must dare to stretch. Dare to dream big, hence, there will be alteration which is a breakthrough.

Beware Of Dream Killers

Once you have a dream, there comes immediately killers of dream. Killers of dreams are enemies of your potential knowingly or unknowingly. The Bible says, “Your enemy, the adversary roams about looking for whom to devour”. That’s how dream killers behave. They devour, kill, malign ,discourage, abort dreams. They always know why a dream will never work, has never worked, has never been done or how it’s undoable. Many of such people have never attempted any reasonable thing in their lives. Or try few times and failed or have been hearing failed and miserable attempts of others, hence they have been the broadcaster of bad news. Avoid such people. They said the same thing to Henry Ford, how his car will never work; he ignored them and became an inventor. They tried to discourage the Wright Brothers that a piece of metal will never fly the sky. But they ignore them too and it flew and they became a pioneer. Roger Bannister was discouraged about the Four-minute mile, however, he ignored and broke the jinx and  the belief that no one could run a mile  a-four minute. If your dream must become a reality, run away from dream killers. Beware of them once you spot them. This leads to the fifth key.

Associate With Other Dream Getters

You must be very careful who you talk and share your dream with, if it will ever come to fruition. Just one seed of doubt can terminate a dream. The Book of Proverbs says,  “ Iron sharpeneth iron”, while Apostle Paul said in one of his epistles that bad association corrupt good manners. Therefore, consciously cultivate good friendship. Row with other dream getters not just dreamers. Associate with people going where you are going or better who have done and surpassed what you want to do. Not everybody deserves to know your dream, reserve the results or the manifestation for them, while share the dream with the dream getters. Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have  dreams getters like Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Andrew McCollum, will there be Facebook? I doubt. If Bill Gates doesn’t have Paul Allen, will there be Microsoft? I guess not. If Larry Page doesn’t have a Sergin Brin, will there have been Google? It may never have happened.

Hence, meticulously, find dream getters like you, consciously associate with them for your dream to be a reality.

Stick To Your Dream

Robert Schuller said, “When the going gets tough, the tough keeps going.” There will come a time when it will appear that the dream will never become a reality; you must learn to hold on. Learn to stick to your dream. You are not yet ready to make your dream come true if you still have your bridges, you’ve got to burn your bridges. You must still stick to the plan. There was once a General in France called Napoleon Bonaparte. His army went sailed to fight an enemy who outnumbered his.When his troops saw this, they became worried and afraid. He then ordered the boat to be set on fire saying, “It is either we win or perish”. They won! Learn to stick to the plan, stick to your dream,. You may change the path, but not the plan, in other words you may change the direction of the dream, but don’t retract from your dream, stick by it and make it come to pass.

Be Focused

People can get easily distracted from their dreams, when they are not well focused. Focus on your dream, avoid distractions. Trying to do too many unrelated things alongside your dreams is a suicide mission. Choose one dream at a time and since the dream is big enough, focus on it until you finish it. Don’t be jack of all trades, master of none. If you make that dream big enough, you should put all your mind, spirit, soul and body into it. The Holy Book says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be”.

So, if that dream is “treasuable” , then focus on it. Science says that if you put a microscope, a simple magnifying lens on a material, and you focus the intensity from the rays of light of the sun on it, it will catch fire. That means, your dream can catch “fire”, i.e. become a reality with strong focus. Don’t be here and there. Learn to always finish what you started, don’t ever be easily distracted.

See The End From The Beginning

Learn to see the end from the beginning. Napoleon Hill said, “”Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  Whatever your eyes can’t see, your hands can’t get. You must determine in your heart to be a champion. You must see your dream as a reality. Don’t wait till it happens before you claim its reality. Act as if it is already yours. Fake it till you make it. Learn to have special moments for meditation and imagination twice a day. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. See yourself the way you want to be when you have realized your dream. Feel the feeling of joy of its accomplishment; give gratitude to God for the success of your dream ahead of time. Always talk about your dream as an ongoing process or about to be completed even if you are to start. Believe it, dress like it and act like it. Do this every day and you will be amazed at the speed with which your dream will become a reality.

Here are the 8 keys to making any dream a reality. Put them to work and see them work and open doors for you!




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January 30, 2021
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Great work

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you are very correct

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