Cardinal Numbers & Articles

0 - cero (say-roh)11 once (ohn-say)
1 - uno (oo-noh)12 doce (doh-say)
2 - dos (dohs)13 trece (tray-say)
3 - tres (trehs)14 catorce (kah-tohr-say)
4 - cuatro (kwah-troh)15 quince (keen-say)
5 - cinco (seen-koh)16 diez y seis (dee-ays ee says)
6 - seis (says)17 diez y siete (dee-ays ee see-ay-tay)
7 - siete (see-ay-tay)18 diez y ocho (dee-ays ee oh-choh)
8 - ocho (oh-choh)19 diez y nueve (dee-ays ee noo-ay-bay)
9 - nueve (noo-ay-bay)20 veinte (behn-tay)
10 - diez (dee-ays)21 veinte y uno (behn-tay ee oo-noh)
22 - veinte y dos (behn-tay ee dohs)101 ciento uno
23 - veinte y tres (behn-tay ee trehs )200 doscientos
30 - treinta (trayn-tah)350 trescientos cincuenta
40 - cuarenta (kwah-rehn-tah)400 cuatrocientos
50 - cincuenta (seen-kwehn-tah)465 cuatrocientos sesenta y cinco
60 - sesenta (say-sehn-tah)500 cincocientos
70 - setenta (say-tehn-tah)570 cincocientos setenta
80 - ochenta (oh-chen-tah)800 ochocientos
90 - noventa (noh-behn-tah)900 novecientos
100 - cien(to ) (see-ehn-toh)1000 mil
el ( ayl )la ( lah )los (m)( lohs )/ las ( lahs )(f)
el muchacho (boy or the boy) , la muchacha(girl or the girl) , los muchachos(boys), las muchachas(girls).
un (oon)una (oo-nah)unos (oo-nohs)(m)/ unas (oo-nahs) (f)

Note: Cien is used for just 100, but for more than 100, you say Ciento.Alternatively for 16,17,18,19 dieciseis, diecisiete, dieciocho, diecinueve can be used. Also between 21-29, veintiuno, veintidós, veintitrés etc, can be used.



Articles are usually used with nouns in Spanish. There are basically two types namely: Definite articles and Indefinite articles.


Masculine Feminine Plural

el(ayl) la(lah) los (m)(lohs)/ las(lahs)(f)

el muchacho (boy or the boy) , la muchacha(girl or the girl) , los muchachos(boys), las muchachas(girls).


Masculine Feminine Plural

un(oon) una(oo-nah) unos(oo-nohs)(m)/unas(oo-nahs)(f)

un muchacho (a boy) , una muchacha(a girl), unos muchachos(some boys), unas muchachas(some girls).

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