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All nouns in French have a gender, which is either masculine or feminine. Therefore,  you have to memorize the gender, however for the main time, there are some general simple that could help for this level now. Generally, Most nouns ending with a consonant or in ment, age vowels(apart from e) are usually masculine. Nouns mostly ending in e, tion or sion  are usually feminine.

Nouns in French must always go with articles. They must agree in both gender and number. They have to be always used even though they may not be always expressed in English.

el perro (peh-roh)dogla vaca (bah-kah)cow
el gato (gah-toh)catel conejo (koh-neh-hoh)rabbit
el pez (pays)fishel caballo (kah-bah-yoh)horse
el pájaro (pa-hah-roh)birdel ratón (rah-tohn)mouse
la cabra (kah-brah)goatel léon (lay-ohn)lion
el cerdo (sehr-doh)pigel tigre (tee-greh)tiger
el pato (pah-toh)duckla serpiente (sehr-pyehn-tay)snake
la tortuga (tohr-too-gah)Tortoisela lagartija (lah-gahr-tee-ha)lizard
el padre (pah-dray)fatherel sobrino (soh-bree-noh)nephew
la madre (mah-dray)motherla sobrina (soh-bree-nah)niece
el hijo (ee-hoh)sonel primo (pree-moh)cousin(m)
la hija (ee-hah)daughterla prima (pree-mah)cousin(f)
el hermano (ehr-mah-noh)brotherel marido (mah-ree-doh)husband
la hermana (ehr-mah-nah)sisterla mujer (moo-hehr)wife
el tío (tee-oh)uncleel abuelo (ah-bway-loh)grandfather
la tiá (tee-ah)auntla abuela (ah-bway-lah)grandmother


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