Italain weather

Che tempo fa oggi?
( kay tehm - poh fah ohr - jee )
What’s the weather today?
È bello ( eh beh - loh ) / fa bel tempo ( fah behl tehm - poh )It’s nice
È brutto ( eh broo - toh ) / fa brutto tempo ( fah broo - toh tehm - poh )It is bad
Fa freddo ( fah freh - doh )It is cold
Fa fresco (fah frehs-koh)It is cool
Fa caldo ( fah kahl-doh)It is hot
Tuona ( twoh-nah)It is thundering
Neviva ( neh-vee-vah)It is snowing
È umido (eh oo-mee-doh)It is humid
È burascoso (eh boo-rahs-koh-soh)It is stormy
È nuvoloso (eh noo-voh-loh-soh)It is cloudy
È ventoso / fa vento ( eh vehn-toh-soh / fah vehn-toh)It is windy
È assolato ( eh ah-so-lah-toh)It is sunny
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