Italian expressions

Buon giorno (bwohn jhor-noh)Good morning/ good afternoon
Buona sera (bwoh-nah seh-rah)Good evening
Buona notte ( bwoh-nah noh-teh)Good night
Come sta? (koh-meh stah)How are you? (formal)
Come stai? (koh-meh sty)How are you? (informal)
Sto bene (stoh-beh-neh)I am fine
Signore (seen-yoh-reh)Mister
Signora (seen-yoh-rah)Misses
Signorina (seen-yoh-ree-nah)Miss
Sì / No (see/no)Yes/no
Ciao (chow)Hi / Hello / Bye
Dov’è? (doh-veh) /Dove sono? (doh-veh sono)Where is?/ Where are?
Sono di… (soh-noh)I am from…
Quanti anni ha? (kwahn-tee ah-nee ah)How old are you? (Formal)
Quanti anni hai? (kwahn-tee ah-nee ah-ee)How old are you? (Informal)
Ho trenta anni (oh trehn-tah ah-nee)I am 30 years old
Buona fortuna (bwoh-nah fohr-too-nah)Good luck
C’è / Ci sono (cheh / chee soh-noh)There is / There are
Ho fame (oh fah-meh)I am hungry
Ho sete (oh seh-teh)I am thirsty
Capisce? (kah-pee-sheh)Do you understand? (Formal)
Capisci? ( kah-pee-shee)Do you understand? (Informal)
Capisco (kah-pees-koh)I understand
Non capisco (non kah-pees-koh)I don’t understand
Arriverderci (ah-ree-vehr-dehr-chee)Good bye(informal)
Arriverderla (ah-ree-vehr-dehr-lah)Goodbye(Formal)
Parlo Inglese (pahr-loh een-gleh-zeh)I speak English
Benvenuti (behn-veh-noo-tee)Welcome
Grazie mille (graht-zyeh mee-leh)Thank you very much
Prego (preh-goh)You’re welcome/don’t mention it
Per favore (pehr fah-voh-reh)Please
Per piacere (pehr pyah-cheh-reh)Please
Parla Italiano? (pahr-lah ee-tah-lyah-noh)Do you speak Italian?
Parli Francese? (pahr-lee frahn-cheh-seh)Do you speak French?
A dopo (ah doh-poh) /A presto ( ah prehs-toh)See you soon
Mi dispiace (mee dees-pyah-cheh)(I am) Sorry
Così così (koh-see koh see)So so
Molto lieto (mohl-toh lyeh-toh)Nice to meet you
Lo so (loh soh)I know
Non so (non soh)I don’t know
Certamente (cher-tah-mehn-teh)Sure
Ecco / Eccoli (eh-koh / eh koh-lee)Here is /Here are
Cosa c’è? (koh-zah cheh)What is the matter?
Nulla (noo-lah)Nothing
Di nulla (dee noo-lah)It doesn’t matter
Scusi (skoo-see)Excuse me (Formal)
Scusa (skoo-zah)Excuse me (Informal)
A domani (ah doh-mah-nee)See you tomorrow
Andiamo (ahn-dyah-moh)Let’s go
A più tardi (ah pyoo tahr-dee)See you later
Vieni qui (vyeh-nee kee)Come here
Me manchi (mee mahn-kee)I miss you
Ti amo ( tee ah-moh)I love you
Sempre (sehm-preh) / e ( eh ) /o ( oh )Always / and / or
Qualche volta (kwah-keh vohl-tah)Sometimes
Anche (ahn-keh)also, too
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