Italian Alphabet and Cardinal Numbers

(ah-kah)(ee)(ee-loon-gah(kah)(eh-leh)(eh-meh)(eh- neh)



1 - uno ( oo-noh)11 - undici ( oon-dee-chee)
2 - due ( dweh )12 - dodici (doh-dee-chee)
3 - tre (treh)13 - tredici (treh-dee-chee)
4 - quattro ( kwah-troh)14 - quattordici (kwah-tohr-dee-chee)
5 - cinque (cheen-kweh)15 - quindici ( kween-dee-chee)
6 - sei (say)16 - sedici ( seh-dee-chee)
7 - sette (seh-teh)17 - diciassette (dee-chahs-seh-teh)
8 - otto (oh-toh)18 .- diciotto (dee-choh-toh)
9 - nove (noh-veh)19 - diciannove (dee-chahn-noh-veh)
10 - dieci (dyay-chee)20 - venti (vehn-tee)
21 - ventuno (vehn-too-noh)101 - centouno ( chen-toh oo-noh)
22 - ventidue ( vehn-tee-dweh)130 - centoventi (chen-toh vehn-tee)
23 - ventitrè (vehn-tee-treh)200 - duecento (dweh-chen-toh)
30 - trenta (trehn-tah )300 - trecento (treh-chen-toh)
40 - quaranta (kwah-rahn-tah)400 - quattrocento (kwah-troh chen-toh)
50 - cinquanta (cheen-kwehn-tah)500 - cinquecento (cheen-kweh chen-toh)
60 - sessanta (seh-sahn-tah)1000 - mille (mee-leh)
70 - settanta (seh-tahn-tah)2000 - duemila (dweh mee-lah)
80 - ottanta (oh-tahn-tah)8000 - ottomila (oh-toh mee-lah)
90 - noventa (noh-vehn-tah)1,000,000 -un milione (mee-lyoh-neh)
100 - cento (chen-toh)1 billion - un miliardo (mee-lyahr-doh)

Note:Numbers ending in –tre, needs an accent to be added on the e. e.g. trentatrè(33).

          When a word ends in a vowel like  venti(20) with an another word that starts with a vowel like uno(1), the vowel in the first word is removed when putting the two words together.i.e. Ventuno(21).However for ‘cento’, the vowel is not removed e.g. Cento (100) and uno(1) is centouno(101).Cento doesn’t have a plural form while  “mille has a plural form as ‘mila’.

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