Fruit, Food & Drink

das Frühstuck froos-took breakfastdas Brot (e) broht bread
das Mittagessen meet-tah-geh-sen lunchder Pfeffer pfeh-fehr pepper
das Abendessen ah-bun-tes-sen dinnerdas Salz zalts salt
der Kuchen koo-kuhn cakeder Zucker tsoo-kehr sugar
das Huhn oon chickendas Wasser vah-sah water
der Kaffee kah-fee coffeeder Wein vine wine
das Eis eyes ice creamdas Wasser vah-sah water
der Reis rise ricedas Bier beer beer
der Salat z ah-laht saladdie Milch meelsh milk
die Suppe zoop-puh soupder Honig hoh-neek honey
der Imbiss eem-bees snackdie Torte (n) tor-tah pie
der Tee tee teader Fisch feesh fish
der Saft (ä,e) zahft juicedie Limonade lee-mohn-nahd soft drink
die Banane (n) bah-na-neh Bananader Apfel (ä) ap-fehl apple
die Bohne (n) boh-ne Beander Fleish flysh meat
der Mais mys Corndie Orange (n) oran-jeh orange
die Ananas ah-nah-nahs Pineappledie Karrotte (n) kah-roht-teh carrot
der Truthahn (ä,e) troot-ahn Turkeyder Kartoffel (n) kahr-toh -fel potato
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About Us

Tobidam is a live online language school specially  designed for tutoring of languages in a fast, efficient and result-oriented manner.

Learning is done either on a one-one-one or a group class with our tutors. There are also some FREE lessons on the website for those who want to learn by themselves.

FRENCH (for TEF) & ENGLISH( for IELTS)   are the only languages available for now for online tutoring due to popular demands.

Learn French To Pass TEF

  • Beginners (A1-A2)
  • Intermediate (B1-B2)
  • The minimum level required to do well in TEF and to obtain CLB7  is B2. 
  • To get to B2, you need: 
  • Other schools (550-900hours)
  • Tobidam (Approx.300 hours)
  • Tobidam  private & group tutoring are 3X faster than conventional schools.
  • Note: TEF preparatory classes take at least separate 60 hours(about  2 months) depending on the student’s assimilation rate. Therefore, the 2 months should be added to any of the packages below you choose.
  • NEW: Special Mid-year Promo
  • From July 30, 2021 to August 5, 2021, there will be 50% discount on our group classes and some downward review of the VIP class (one-on-one). This special offer will continue with every student that register during these periods


  • Packages
  • A1-B2 (French Classes)
  • 15hrs/week                          4 months
  • 12hrs/week                          5 months
  • 10hrs/week                          6 months
  • 8hrs/week                            8 months
  • 6hrs/week                            10 months


  • Disclamer : You are guaranteed of passing TEF at ONE sitting, however, You MUST ADD your PERSONAL efforts!

How it works

  1. Classes are in per hour.
  2. The minimum hours required to set up a program is 6 hours.
  3. Discount: The higher the hours booked, the lesser the fee.
  4. Bookings are on first come, first served basis. The earlier you book, the faster you get the available slots.
  5. A fast and reliable internet connection.
  6. Skype/Zoom and a computer/a tablet.
  7. Sessions: 24/7, anywhere, anytime.
  8. Group Tutoring: This is cheaper than the private tutoring. An maximum of 4 and 8 students  per class respectively however  the students must be at the same level and must agree to the same time.


Program Outline

  1. Comprehensive TEF inclined course curriculum.
  2. Lesson note per class.
  3. Class work & Home work.
  4. Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing Practice.
  5. Internal assessments(Exams).
  6. TEF preparatory classes with TEF past questions and answers.
  7. TEF marking scheme.
  8. Exam Tips.
  9. FREE study materials.
  10. Parisian Accent Training.
  11. Detailed, dedicated & meticulous tutoring.
  12. Teaching is fun, interesting and amicable.
  13. Live one-on-one class or group session.  


We are currently  the Numero Uno online school in giving students excellent results most especially for TEF Canada exam.



For more enquiries/bookings:

Whatsapp/Call : +234(0) 7038476947



Special Announcement:

The Release of Tobidam 2.0


The World’s Biggest Online Language School (4-in-1).


Features: Live Tutoring, Self learning, Language Exchange, Discussion Forum.

And much more!!

Private & Group classes NOW ALWAYS available.


Coming Soonest! 

Send us an email for detailed info, regular updates & the exact launch date.

 First 100 persons worldwide to register  at launch date get special offers.



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