Fruit, Food & Drink

das Frühstuck froos-took breakfastdas Brot (e) broht bread
das Mittagessen meet-tah-geh-sen lunchder Pfeffer pfeh-fehr pepper
das Abendessen ah-bun-tes-sen dinnerdas Salz zalts salt
der Kuchen koo-kuhn cakeder Zucker tsoo-kehr sugar
das Huhn oon chickendas Wasser vah-sah water
der Kaffee kah-fee coffeeder Wein vine wine
das Eis eyes ice creamdas Wasser vah-sah water
der Reis rise ricedas Bier beer beer
der Salat z ah-laht saladdie Milch meelsh milk
die Suppe zoop-puh soupder Honig hoh-neek honey
der Imbiss eem-bees snackdie Torte (n) tor-tah pie
der Tee tee teader Fisch feesh fish
der Saft (ä,e) zahft juicedie Limonade lee-mohn-nahd soft drink
die Banane (n) bah-na-neh Bananader Apfel (ä) ap-fehl apple
die Bohne (n) boh-ne Beander Fleish flysh meat
der Mais mys Corndie Orange (n) oran-jeh orange
die Ananas ah-nah-nahs Pineappledie Karrotte (n) kah-roht-teh carrot
der Truthahn (ä,e) troot-ahn Turkeyder Kartoffel (n) kahr-toh -fel potato
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About Us

Tobidam is a live online language school popularly known for tutoring languages in a fast and efficient manner. Tobidam also deals with other languages like German, Spanish, Chinese etc but mostly sought after for French tutoring especially for TEF/TCF. It is the #1 fastest Online language school.

Learn French To Pass TEF/TCF 

Beginners ( A1-A2)

Intermediate ( B1-B2)

The minimum level required to do well in TEF and to obtain a CLB 7 is B2(Upper). To get to B2, you need:

Tobidam(300 hours)

Other schools (550-900 hours)

TEF preparatory classes take at least separate 100 hours which could be achieved in 3 months depending on the student’s assimilation rate. This should be added to any package you choose.

Tobidam has  2 special packages viz. VIP ( one-on-one) class, Diamond class( at least 2 persons). 


A1-B2 ( Beginners to intermediate)

15hrs/week                                                  4 months

12hrs/week                                                  5 months

9hrs/week                                                   6 months

VIP classes (one-on-one)

This is divided into three categories: 15hrs/week( 4months), 12hrs/week( 5 months) & 9 hrs/week (6 months)

DIAMOND CLASS( at least 2 persons)

This is a group class of minimum of 2 persons, maximum of 6 persons ( 9hrs/week, minimum of 7-month program)


**Free study materials

** Free TEF/TCF materials

**Registration is FREE

** No need for immersion( Travelling to francophone country for speaking improvement.)

**Parisian Accent traning

**  Customised one-on-one classes & less crowded group classes

**24/7 working hours at your own convenience

**Free advice on multiple ways of immigrating to Canada through French



Note: Bookings are based on first come, first served.

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