French Auxiliary verbs (to have & to be)


There exist two auxiliary verbs in French namely: avoir (to have) and être ( to be).

AVOIR (To have) 
J’ai (jay) I have
Tu as (too ah) You have
Il a (eel a) He has
Elle a (ehl ah)She has
Vous avez ( voo zah-veh)You have
Ils ont (eel zohn)They have(m)
Elles ont (ehl zohn) They have(f)
J’avais (jah-veh) I had
Tu avais (too ah-veh) You had
Il avait (eel aveh) He had
Elle avait (ehl aveh) She had
Nous avions (noo zah-vyohn) We had
Vous aviez ( voo zah-vyay) You had
Ils avaient (eel zah-veh) They had(m)
Elles avaient (ehl zah-veh) They had(f)
J’aurai (joh-ray) I will have
Tu auras (too- oh-ray) You will have
Il aura (eel oh-ray) He will have
Elle aura (ehl oh-ray) She will have
Nous aurons (noo oh-rohn) We will have
Vous aurez (voo oh-ray) You will have
Ils auront (eel oh-rohn) They will have
Elles auront (ehl zoh-rohn) They will have
ÊTRE (To be)
Je suis (juh swee) I am
Tu es (too eh) You are
Il est (eel eh) He is
Elle est (ehl eh) She is
Nous sommes (noo sohm) We are
Vous êtes (voo zeht) You are
Ils sont (eel zohn) They are(m)
Elles sont (ehl sohn) They are(f)
J’étais (jay-teh) I was
Tu étais (too ay-teh) You were
Il était (eel ay-teh) He was
Elle était (ehl ay-teh) She was
Nous étions (noo zay-tyohn) We were
Vous étiez (voo zay-tyay) You were
Ils étaient (eel zay-teh ) They were(m)
Elles étaient (ehl zay-teh) They were(f)
Je serai (juh suh-ray) I will be
Tu seras (too suh-rah) You will be
Il sera (eel suh-rah) He will be
Elle sera (ehl suh-rah) She will be
Nous serons (noo suh-rohn) We will be
Vous serez (voo suh-ray) You will be
Ils seront (eel suh-rohn) They will be(m)
Elles seront (ehl suh-rohn) They will be (f)
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