Don’t say Say
1.        Borrow me your book.Lend me your book.
2.        I learnt it off hand.I learnt it by heart.
3.        There is no light.There is no power supply.
4.        I can’t afford to buy it.I can’t afford it.
5.        Let’s discuss about it.Let’s discuss it
6.        The gateman is not around.The gatekeeper is not around.
7.        They have less books than I have.They have fewer books than I have.
8.        Off the light.Turn off the light.
9.        On the light.Turn on the light.
10.    I entered bus flight from New York to TexasI boarded a flight from New York to Texas.
11.    I was beaten by the rain.I was drenched by the rain.
12.    I used to go to school every day.I usually go to school every day.
13.    I will come down at this stop.I will alight at this stop.
14.    Everybody are coming.Everybody is coming.
15.    She has contacted disease.She has contracted disease.


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