Rojo (roh-hoh)roja ( roh-hah)Red
Rosado (roh-sah-doh)rosada (roh-sah-dah)Pink
Anaranjado ( ah-nah-rahn-ah-doh )anaranjada (ah-nahn-ah-dah)Orange
Amarillo (ah-mah-ree-yoh)amarilla (ah-mah-ree-yah)Yellow
Verde ( behr-deh)verde (behr-deh)Green
Azul (ah-sool)azul (ah-sool)Blue
Morado (moh-rah-doh)morada (moh-rah-dah)Purple
Blanco (blan-koh)blanca (blahn-kah)White
Negro (nay-groh)negra (nay-grah)Black
Marrón (mahr-rohn)marrón (mahr-rohn)Brown
Gris (grees)gris (grees)Grey


Una mesa negra A black table

Un lapíz azul A blue pencil

Una penna morada A purple pen

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Tobidam is an online language school popularly known for tutoring languages in a fast and efficient manner.

FRENCH( for TEF) is the most sought after language among others.

Learn French To Pass TEF 

Beginners ( A1-A2)

Intermediate ( B1-B2)

The minimum level required to do well in TEF and to obtain a CLB 7 is B2(Upper). To get to B2, you need:

Tobidam(300 hours)

Other schools (550-900 hours)

TEF preparatory classes take separate 120 hours which could be achieved in 2 months depending on the student’s assimilation rate.

Tobidam has 3 special programs viz. VIP ( one-on-one) class, Diamond class( at least 2 persons) & Gold (at least 5 persons). 



15hrs/week                                                  4 months

12hrs/week                                                  5 months

10hrs/week                                                  6 months

8hrs/week                                                    8 months

6hrs/week                                                    10 months


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