In a bid to ensure that you can learn French language yourself, the phonetic aspect will be simplified to an adapted method till you are ready to learn it later as the lesson progresses. However, for this level, in order to avoid any ambiguity, simple general basic rules will be given. Note that French is somehow difficult, but here at Tobidam, it will be made easy. Here are the rules:

  1. Last consonants of French words are usually silent (unpronounced) except c, r, f, l , b.
  2. All other consonants are pronounced like their English counterparts.
  3. The last e of French words are usually silent except when accented e.g. femme(woman), père (father),but the é in café is pronounced.
  4. Stress generally falls on the last syllables.

To avoid giving a phonetic table in order  to understand the phonetics, a rather transcription table will be given for easy self learning at this level.


Easy Guide to French pronunciation

The purpose of this guide is to aid you pronounce French words as correctly as possible so you can speak effectively. This is not intended to give a perfect pronunciation of French, but to give a closely approximate pronunciation. You will have to listen to French speakers for accurate pronunciation.

The system of transcription of French sounds used here is English Letters in italics. The sounds are arranged alphabetically in transcription form for ease. The transcription letters are followed by the English words they represent. This is the easiest way to practice French pronunciation. Remember that the transcription in italics serves only as a guide to pronouncing French words.


a ,à, âah!a mi , p a p aah-mee,pah-pah
é, et, ez, final erp aycaf é, et, n ezkah - fay , nay
Eup o lej eu, y eu x joh , yoh
è, ê,ei, ai,aise ggm è re , l ai t ,mehr , leh , rehn , ehtr
r ei ne ,ê tre
œu,euc ares œu r , fl eu r sehr , flehr
uj ewj u s , r u e , tiss ujyoo , ryoo , tee - soo
i,yk i tr i z, t y pe ree,teep
uc oo kc ou, l ou pkoo,loo
o,ôc o keb eau ,h ô tel, d o sboh,oh-tehl, doh
wwha tf oi s,fwah
wweoui, l uiwee,lui
an, on,un, enonb an c , b on, l un dibohn , bohn , lohn-dee
in, ein, ain, aimh enf in, p ain, f aimfehn , pehn , fehm
ti + vowel(except é)seena tion, démocra tie nah - syohn , day - moh - krah-see
qu, final q, kkissqu e , qu oi , k épi kuh, kwah , kay - pee
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