1.      Nǐ hǎo (nee how)Hello, Hi
2.      Nǐ Hǎo ma? (nee how mah)How are you?
3.      Hǎo /zāo /yī bān (how /tsah-oo/yee ban)Good / bad / so-so
4.      Wǒ hěn hǎo, xiè xiè
(wohr ehn how, shee-yeh shee-yeh)
I am very fine, thanks
5.      Nǐ nē ? (nee nay)And you?
6.      Zǎo shàng hǎo (tsah-oo shan how)Good morning (China)
7.      Xiàwǔ hǎo (shee-yah woo how)Good afternoon (China)
8.      Wǎnshàng hǎo (wan shan how)Good evening (China)
9.      Wǎn ān ( wahn ahn)Good night (China)
10.    Zǎo ān (tsah-oo ahn)Good morning ( Taiwan)
11.    Wǔ ān (woo ahn)Good afternoon (Taiwan)
12.    Xièxiè (shee-yeh shee-yeh)Thank you
13.    Zàijiàn (tai jyen)Good bye
14.    Nǐ jiào shénme míngzì?
(nee jah-oo shehn muh meen tsee)
What is your name?
15.    Wǒ jiào (wohr jah-oo)My name is .......
16.    Hěn gāoxìng rènshí nǐ?
(ehn gow-sheen rehn shee nee)
Nice to meeting you
17.    Shì / bùshì (shee/boo shee)Yes/No
18.    Méiwèntí (may-ee wen tee)No problem
19.    Duìbùqǐ (tweh boo cheer)Sorry/Excuse me
20 .    Qǐngwen (cheen wen)Excuse me (request)
21. Láojià (lah-oo jee-yah)Excuse me (may I trouble you?)
22 .    Qǐng (cheen)Please
23. Gōngxǐ (gon shee) Congratulations
24. Zhùhè (tsoo heh) Congratulations
25.      Míngtiān jiàn (meen tyen jyen) See you tomorrow
26. Wǒ míngbái (wohr meen py) I understand
27.      Wǒ bù míngbái (wohr boo meen py) I don’t understand
28.      Nǐ míngbái ma? (nee meen py mah) Do you understand?
29. Fēicháng gànxiè / Hěn gan xiè
(fay chan gan shyeh/hen gahn shyeh)

Thanks a lot
30.      Bù yòng xiè (boo yon shyeh) Don’t mention it
31.      Zhú nǐ hǎoyùn ( j uh nee how yoon) Good luck
32.    Nǐ zhù zài nǎ er? / Ni zhù zái nǎlǐ? When do you live?
(nee juh tsah-ee nah ehr / nee juh tsah-ee nah lee)
33.    Wǒ zhù zài ( wohr joo tsah-ee) I live at
34.    Zàihuì (tsah-ee way) See you soon
35.    Huānyìng (wan-yeen) Welcome
36.    Huíjiàn ( way-jyehn) See you later
37.    Duōshǎo qián? (twor shao chyan) How much?
38.    Xiānsheng (shy en- shon ) Mr/Sir
39.    Nǚshì (nyoo-shee) Mrs/Ma
40.    Xiǎojie (shyah-oh-jyeh) Miss
41.    Ni shì cóng nǎlǐ laì (nee shee kon nah nee ly)Where are you from?
42.    Wǒ shì cóng ...... lái ( wor shee kon I am from
43.    Nǐ jǐ suì le? (nee jee swee lah) How old are you?
44.    Wǒ..... suì le ( wohr....swee lah ) I am..... years old
45.    Shēngrì kuài le (shen-ree kwah lehr)Happy Birthday
46.    Shèngdán kuài le (shen dan kwah lehr)Merry Xmas
47.     Biè dānxīn (pyeh tan sheen)Don’t worry
48.      Jīntiān /xiànzài (jeen tyehn/shyehn tsah ee)Today / Now
49.      Kuái dian (kwy -dyan)Hurry up
50.      Wǒ è le /Wǒ kě le I am hungry / thirsty
(wohr eh leh/wohr keh-leh)
51.      Wǒ aì nǐ ( wohr hy nee)I love you
52.      Wǒ xiǎng nǐ ( wohr shyan nee)I miss you
53.      Guòlai (gwohr-ly )Come here
54.    Zuòxiá (tswor shyah)Sit down
55.    Qǐlái (chee-ly)Stand up
56. Yīlù píng’ān (yi-Ioo pin-an)Safe Journey
57.    Wǒ hěn jí (wor hen jhee)I’m in a hurry
58.    Wǒ chídào le (wor chee-tao-lah)I’m late
59.    Wǒ lèi le (wor lay lah)I’m tired
60.    Wǒ bìng le (wor peen lah)I’m sick
61.    Wǒ zhīdào (wor jhee tao)I know
62.    Dāngrán (tahn-rahn)Of course
63.    Wéi (way-ee)Hello(on phone)
64. Míngtiān /Zǔótiān (meen-tyehn/tswor-tyahn)Tomorrow/Yesterday
65. Xīnnián kuài le (sheen nyan kwah lehr)Happy New Year
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