What we do for our clients


Language Translations

Translation has to do with communicating or changing the of a source-language text into an equivalent target-language text. We also offer translation services. We will be able to translate your documents in the 6 languages we offer from one to another.



We train people whether offline or online. You could learn at our office or online here on our website. We teach and impart the knowledge to you in a proven and workable way. Over the years we have taught both young and adults how to speak in any of these languages in schools, churches , organizations in the shortest time possible. You could choose to learn here yourself, at the office or with an instructor here over Skype. Anyone you choose to adopt, we believe you will be well satisfied.


Voice Over

Voice over has to do voice of an unseen narrator

as used in television, radio productions, film making, theatre or other presentations.



This has to do with proactively making changes and suggestions to text which will improve the overall quality of text most especially as related to language use and expression. When proper editing has been done, your writing will be enhanced, your language will become sharp, your expression will become clear and the general output of your writing improved. Editing also entails ‘proofreading’ of your writing. This helps to eliminate grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.



Proofreading deals primarily with correcting surface errors in text documents like grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other language errors

Therefore, any of these services can be rendered to you at an affordable rate

About Us

Tobidam is an online language school popularly known for tutoring languages in a fast and efficient manner.

FRENCH( for TEF) is the most sought after language among others.

Learn French To Pass TEF 

Beginners ( A1-A2)

Intermediate ( B1-B2)

The minimum level required to do well in TEF and to obtain a CLB 7 is B2(Upper). To get to B2, you need:

Tobidam(300 hours)

Other schools (550-900 hours)

TEF preparatory classes take separate 120 hours which could be achieved in 2 months depending on the student’s assimilation rate.

Tobidam has 3 special programs viz. VIP ( one-on-one) class, Diamond class( at least 2 persons) & Gold (at least 5 persons). 



15hrs/week                                                  4 months

12hrs/week                                                  5 months

10hrs/week                                                  6 months

8hrs/week                                                    8 months

6hrs/week                                                    10 months


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