On October 27, 2020 , the Canadian Immigration  minister Marco Mendicino announced that French-speaking  as well as bilingual candidates will get extra points under the Express Entry system. French speaking candidates are to receive additional 25 points as opposed to 15 in the past, while Bilingual candidates ( IELTS + TEF) will get extra 50 whooping points up from 30 points hitherto.

This is in line with the new initiative of IRCC to help Canada reach a target of 4.4% of French speaking immigrants outside Quebec 2023. This is a mighty boost to immigrants seeking to come to Canada through Express Entry.

You don’t need two or more certificates / Master’s degree or Ph.D anymore

Prior to now, to optimize and increase your CRS points, you will have to go for either Master’s or professional certificates which do take its own time and money. For example, most Master’s programs take at least one year or more, let alone the financial implications.  A two or more certificates can only add 33 points to your CRS, while a Master’s degree will add  40 points and a Ph.D which many people don’t have or will even be discouraged in getting because of the time and research work can only add 55 points maximum. Passing TEF with just CLB 7 in each module will give you 62 points while if you max out like CLB 9 or above, you will get 74 points. Therefore what is the hope of a holder who want to immigrate to Canada and can’t go for  all these certificates or degrees or an elderly person who still want to go to Canada? Learning French to pass TEF is the only answer!

Advantages of Passing TEF

  1. With TEF, you don’t need to worry if you have only a, all you need is to pass your IELTS and max out if possible. By just getting CLB 7 across modules, you are good to go.
  2. You don’t need to be worried about your birthdays as it is the norm, you will be relaxing and chilling. 68-74 points is big enough to accommodate many birthdays.
  3. If you are older than 40 years of age, you don’t need to worry too. as you are covered.
  4. If you have a secondary school certificate, one or two year program at a college, university, trade or technical school. You can still be hopeful too or at worst, go for PNP.
  5. It takes between just 7- 11 months depending on your assimilation rate.

The beauty of the whole thing is that, learning with us here at Tobidam, we make it easy. You can learn at your convenience either at a VIP class (private) or a group of just 4 students. You don’t have to leave your work or take a work leave or even go for immersion in a foreign country. Right from your room,  office or wherever you are , you can learn and pass TEF. Just like we have helped a lot of students, you can be the next to share your testimony.

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Written by: Tobi Gbadamosi

July 15, 2023


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