There are many who are confused as to whether to go for an online school or a physical school. Both are very important depending on different factors. Moreover, many with previous bad experiences with online tutors made them feel that it is not effective. Here at Tobidam, online tutoring has proven to be very effective as our results can attest to the fact.

Which should I go for?

 It depends on some factors like: time, availability, proximity, efficiency, adaptability.


If you are not a working class person or you have ample time during the day where physical school is being organized, then you may have to go to a physical class. However, if time is not on your side, as you are a very busy person and probably close late, then online school will be more preferable and flexible. Also, learning French for TEF needs constant touch, if you allow too much space, maybe because you only learn few hours a weekly you might start lagging or becoming slothful.


This is a no-brainer, if you don’t have a physical school around you, the next available option is to go to an effective online school.


If a physical class is not close to your home or place of work, it will definitely be advisable to go for an online school. Attending a physical class that is far from you will be counterproductive; for you will tend to go late and come back home late and become probably tired. The grave mistake that many learners make is to go to a school just for going without considering the distance it takes to arrive in class and to settle down in order to concentrate. Partaking in a French/TEF class is not what makes you successful, but participation. Hence if you always go late and arrive tired and still come back home late and exhausted, then the purpose of learning is already defeated.


You don’t choose to attend a school just because it is a school. You choose whether they have a track record of success and also if you are personally assimilating what you are learning, because if you are merely attending the classes and not improving, you are just wasting your time. You should be able to check yourself after one month at most to ascertain if you will continue with the school or not. If an online school, for example like Tobidam has the results or efficiency that you want, it will be fool hardy to choose a physical school that does not have the consistent results you are looking for. In addition, if the school is not improving you or is delaying the learning duration, you should know what to do.


Are you a sole learner or group learner? If you are the type of person that loves personal attention, you learn more in a private class; then an online tutor is meant for you. Most physical schools do not offer private classes and if their teachers do, it might be expensive.

Finally, as someone who once operated a physical school before and now operating an online school, I can boldly attest to the fact that if you attend a standard online school that possesses the right teaching and communication tools, it is much more efficient and faster. Someone may ask, how then do one recognize a good online French tutor? That will be answered in our next article.

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Upcoming article: How to find a good online French tutor

Written by: Tobi Gbadamosi

July 15, 2023


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Tobidam is a live online language school popularly known for tutoring  French language in a fast and efficient manner. It  also deals with other languages like German, Spanish,  etc but mostly sought after for French tutoring especially for TEF/TCF. It is the  fastest online language school on the internet!

Learn French To Pass TEF/TCF 

Beginners ( A1-A2)

Intermediate ( B1-B2)

The minimum level required to do well in TEF and to obtain a CLB 7 is B2(Upper). To get to B2, you need:

Tobidam(300 hours)

Other schools (550-900 hours)

TEF preparatory classes take at least separate 100 hours which could be achieved in 3 months depending on the student’s assimilation rate. This should be added to any package you choose.

Tobidam has  2 special packages viz. VIP ( one-on-one) class, Diamond class( at least 2 persons). 


A1-B2 ( Beginners to intermediate)

15hrs/week                                                  4 months

12hrs/week                                                  5 months

9hrs/week                                                    6 months

PLATINUM CLASS (one-on-one)

This is divided into three categories: 15hrs/week( 4months), 12hrs/week( 5 months) & 9 hrs/week (6 months)

DIAMOND CLASS( at least 2 persons)

This is a group class of minimum of 2 persons, maximum of 4 persons ( 9hrs/week, minimum of 7-month program)

GOLD CLASS ( at least 6 persons)

This is a new larger group class of minimum of 6 persons, maximum of 12(10-month program, 6hrs/week)


**Free study materials

** Free TEF/TCF materials

** No need for immersion( Travelling to francophone country for speaking improvement.)

**Parisian Accent traning

**  Customised one-on-one classes & less crowded group classes

**24/7 working hours at your own convenience

**Free advice on multiple ways of immigrating to Canada through French

**Tips for getting bilingual jobs (French) in Canada.





*Bookings are based on first come, first served.

*Bookings  for group classes always commence from the MIDDLE of the prior month and classes begin  on the FIRST working day of the following  month after the required number of students per class are complete.

*Only one-on-one classes can commence 24 hours after booking.

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