How to know a good TEF/French tutor


Economics lets us know that when the demand for goods or services are high, there will be increase in prices; that is common sense. However the lethal part of it is that; there will also be an increase in the suppliers of the goods and services. Therefore, the field of French learning is not different.

Due to the increase in the CRS points allocated to French by the IRCC , many people are now automatically French tutors and TEF tutors. Charlatans are everywhere with every unscrupulous means of making money out of it. This article is written to sensitive the public in the grave danger of falling into wrong hands which will inadvertently make you waste your time, resources and energy.

So, how does one find a good TEF tutor? How does one know an efficient French Tutor?

Is being a native a requirement for knowing one?

Many beginners or novices assume that being a native speaker is a requirement for learning French. It seems so outwardly, but it is just partially correct, because results do not always show it. I will like to give a vivid example of one of our successful students in Europe, the United Kingdom to be precise. Firstly, she started her French journey from the notable names in the French learning industry, before switching to private tutors since they were too slow and were not helping her specifically towards TEF.

So, on starting with a male French tutor from France in the UK, according to her, the tutor focused mainly on Speaking or pronunciation. She said that he didn’t explain why she should speak that way, that she was just meant to speak that way. She was able to learn some accent from him though, but just the accent is not enough. As a matter of fact, TEF does not test accent at all in the main exam, as there are various French accents in the world.

Later, she then still hired another native close to Central London area  to reduce the long distance transportation, the other tutor, a lady this time around used text books to teach. Those textbooks were written in French throughout which further aggravated her difficulties in French. It was then she decided to search for online tutors that she can at least learn from without commuting to and fro. To cut the long story short, she found Tobidam from Facebook and a forum and started from all over again afresh with us. Some of you have heard her story on social forums. She got C1,C1,C1, B2. Her CRS was at 500pts. So, being a native is good, but it does not just depend on that alone, the effectiveness is what matters.

Is just having a B.A. M.A or PH.D in French the only requirement?

Yes, it is very essential and crucial to be well qualified before taking an educational position. Nevertheless, is it the only necessity? A thousand times no. There exist so many professors, teachers with degrees that can’t explain adequately in a lay man’s terms how to understand what they know. They may be good at it for themselves, but not for others.

 Being a good teacher, is either you are gifted at it or you are well trained to teach. You are not an efficient teacher just because you obtained a degree from the university. In Africa, particularly, in Nigeria most people detested French right from their primary school up to the tertiary level. Why? Unqualified teachers? No. Most of our teachers all the way from Basic level to University level were or are graduates, nevertheless, their inability to impart the students in a perfectly comprehensible and amicable way, has made students to loathe French. Here at Tobidam , by mere studying our Free French lessons on our site, you can have a clue on our easy mode of teaching. Consequently, being learned in French is not the major requirement.

If it is cheap?

A plethora of beginners just use any cheap tutor to learn French. If you are just learning French for fun and tourism, that may be cool. On the other hand if you are learning for a proficiency exam like TEF, you should be wary of it. If it is too cheap, oftentimes packing too many students in a class, it could be a red flag. This is due to the fact that the more students per class in order to reduce price and maximize money, the lower the effectiveness of the class and the longer the duration of the program. Any real TEF tutor that knows his onions is not cheap, you can Google a professional tutor online for their prices.

What is then the Litmus test for recognizing a good TEF/French tutor?  Results

Below are the 7 questions to ask in order to find a good TEF Tutor.

  1. Has the tutor written TEF and passed excellently with proof to show?
  2. Has he taught others who have passed?
  3. Ask the tutor how many hours does it take to learn French to be able pass TEF? (If he says anytime or gave any amount of time outside the main standard given on our homepage, be very wary of it.)
  4. A week’s class is enough to know if the tutor is imparting you or just teaching. French must be IMPARTED, and not just taught, otherwise it will be ambiguous and cumbersome.
  5. Do you enjoy the class, if you have already started?
  6. Does the tutor focus on all aspects viz. Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing or just one or two aspects?
  7. Lastly, is the person an experienced TEF tutor or just a French tutor? French is wide, however there is a marking scheme for TEF. There are requirements to be known. One can learn French forever and still fail TEF. It is not just the French knowledge, but the required knowledge, of which only someone who has passed TEF and is gifted at teaching or a qualified teacher can really be of help.

Some may be thinking, how does one find a tutor that meet up with all these requirements? Of course, they do exist, though may be scarce. But, if you do find them, they won’t be cheap, because stones are everywhere, however diamonds are scarce!

Luckily for you the readers and our students both in Nigeria and diaspora, our services are still fair enough compared to other similar top professionals around the world or even on the internet.

Finally, here are Tobidam, we tick all the boxes on the requirements, and our results can be attested to in the web space.

Till we see in the next article! À la prochaine fois !

For any questions on this article, feel free to drop your comments below and you will be replied shortly.`

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By Tobi Gbadamosi

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January 30, 2021
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7 months ago

This article is just what I needed. Thanks a lot, I know what to do now

7 months ago

What if the tutor is a TEF examiner, does he qualify?

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