Discovering Your Potentials


By Tobi Gbadamosi

“An unexamined life is not worth living”– Socrates.

The Pathway To Success

Success in life becomes easy when a man discovers what tools or potentials nature has given him to work with rather than what he just merely picks for himself. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “If a man has not discovered something he will die for, he is not fit to live.” The question is what makes you alive not just a living person? What’s killing or wants to kill you inwardly if you don’t express it? Too many people shy away from discovering their true potentials because they think what they’d find is readily available everywhere. Be careful, the common could be your calling. You’ll never make it big else way except through what nature has bestowed on you.

Even though, there are people with similar talent, you are still unique. Don’t be quick to pass a quick judgment at what you may have found. No matter how unassuming and unpalatable your raw potential might be, that is the area where the world needs help from you. Try other things; you may have little or no success. Discovering your potential is discovering your destiny, without knowing your true potentials you can’t really find yourself. It was still Socrates who said, “Man, know thyself” Your purpose, future and destiny all lie in your potential. In your potential lies your passion and also in your potential lies in your package or assignment to humanity.

Many find it hard to find their hidden potentials yes, it is hidden but not so hidden by nature that it could not be found. God places it in an essential part of you so that you can never miss it, yet men often miss it. “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” Man is a king, the crown of God’s creation. So it’s honorable to men and glorifying to God when you discover your potential.

It’s honorable to men in that you bless humanity with your gifts and glory to God in that you contribute your quota, you fulfill your calling and help make his world complete. The world is not totally complete without your contribution and you can’t contribute until you’ve found out what you can contribute and give; and you can’t give what you don’t know you have.

Where is your potential located?

You might ask, “Where did God hide my potential, I have been looking for it for a long time? It’s right inside of you. “Where inside of me? You might still ask. It is hidden inside your heart. He did that so that your potentials can beat along with your heartbeat. That’s why young children know about what they would love to be from their childhood. It is because, then, no one cares about life, mum and dad take care of that. So, they are often happy, carefree doing things they cherish or love.

They attempt different things and once they stumble upon whatever causes their hearts to beat faster, something that makes them happy or wants to cry (emotional stuff). They get stuck to it. It could be listening to music, dancing, drawing, sports, acting. Whatever makes their heart glow, they often stick to it. Your potential beats alongside your heart beat, it is that thing that you crave so much to do.

When Oprah Winfrey found her potential, she said, that it felt like breathing. Whenever your heart crosses your God-given activity, it leaps for joy. You’re alive when you do those activities. That thing makes you so happy, you feel good and elated about yourself. You’re like a fish, taken out of water for long and thrown back into water.

Indications of Your Potentials

Likewise for you, what’s that thing that you think you can’t do without; something that you could die for if you don’t do it? What you think is the only thing you could do so well. That thing you believe is the only thing you’ve come to do in this world. Discovering it is finding true meaning and purpose for your life. You will never find peace of mind until you’ve found and fulfilled your potential. Why? Because it is hidden in your heart. Can you fight against your heartbeat? Except, you want to die. Same goes for a man who has not discovered his potential.

He’s like that fish living on the land. He’s trying to live in another habitat. An habitat that was not designed for his nature, sooner or later, he’ll die or commit suicide. The reason is that just like a fish, no matter how talented it can swim, its talent gets aborted when it’s found in a contrary habitat to its ability.

Its ability won’t function, it will only struggle but to no avail. That’s why when fish farmers catch fish, they put them in water, otherwise they die! You too, by continuing doing what you were not born, gifted or destined to do is slow poison or death. Refusing to discover this potential meant you never really came to this world. In the Book of those who really came, your name will be omitted because you never contributed anything.

You said, “But I did this or that.” Life judges you only with what talent or assignment you were born with or given to render and not the ones you chose to render yourself no matter how good. Fulfilling another man’s dream is a total wastage to living. Discovering this potential will bring you to high places of life and know this, “The earnest expectation of the creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God.” It’s been long the world has been expecting a man like you. They are often discussing you, “Is there not a man who could do this or that?” Often times, you are even there, joining them in the discussion. However, you don’t know that you’re the one both you and they are looking for. Don’t live a miserable life anymore. There is a particular, specific place for you in life. Find and stick to it.

Before talking about how to discover your potential, it will be important to let you know that acquisition of plenty of money is not a true test for discovering your purpose. Your purpose when given strong pursuit will give you plenty money and peace of mind. However, plenty money does not signify your purpose.

How To Know If Your Skills/Potenial is Your Purpose

Then, how do one know if what’s paying you heavily, putting food on your table is or isn’t your purpose? Your purpose gives three unique things, if these three things are lacking or even a single one is missing, it’s not your purpose.

Your purpose gives you prosperity, passion and peace of mind. When you’re working with your raw potential which is your assignment or purpose in life, you find prosperity, passion and peace. These three things are requisite for good living. They are the hallmarks of life.

Prosperity is a necessity in life. You need money to buy whatever you want. Having plenty of money brings comfort, however it doesn’t guarantee peace of mind. True success or good success is a function of rest of mind. Even though, you have a lot of work to do, you’re still happy. It is because it is a lot of work in the area where you have been assigned. Doing what you were not born to do is burdensome even with a little work. It’s because you were not custom-built for it. You’re only trying to force yourself to do what’s not meant for you. You will only strain, and how long can you do that? How long can your fish survive on bare land?

Passion is the third thing to help you know your purpose. With passion as your rearguard, you seem to have boundless of energy. It appears somehow supernatural. You can’t tell where such inexhaustible energy is coming from. You’ve been working since morning and it is evening, yet you are not even thinking of food, you are still strong, hale and hearty. Why is this so?

Nature supplies boundless, overflowing energy to you when you’re working in an area you were designed for. If a servant is given a task, the master ensures that he has adequate resources to execute the task effectively. Same with nature. Nature supplies additional energy which comes in form of passion to “passionate” or fire up the accomplishment of your purpose. Since, you always seem tireless and hardworking; you excel rapidly because you’re producing so much in a short time. So, how do we discover this purpose? How do we discover our potentials?

In the Part II series of this article, I will be discussing how to discover your potentials. Many of you reading this article already know you’ve got a talent,. However, you don’t know what it is and how to discover it. Some of you might even have the gift of speaking many languages! Watch out for the second part of the article to learn this and more.

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January 30, 2021
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